Nicely Restored Cottage in Llanes, Asturias.

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Charming and carefully restored cottage with stone façade, perfectly positioned on nearly several beaches along the Llanes (Asturias) seashore, and with magnificent mountain views. It is remodeled as a traditional Asturian House with the finest materials. The house exhibits a wooden floor, and well-proportioned rooms, including a living room with fireplace; the kitchen is fully equipped. Conveniently located between the airports of Oviedo (70 min), and Santander (85 min). The Gijon´s Seaport is 45 minutes away and the Santander´s Ferry Terminal is at 85 min.

Bedroom (s): 2

Bath (s): 2

Type: Single family home, ready to live in.

Est: 137 sq-m / 1,474 sq-ft

Price. 160,000 €

Contact:  Gustavo Pérez


Telephone: +34 985849516


About gustavop

Civil Engineer & Real Estate Consultant. Living in Asturias.

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