Enjoy living in Ribadesella (with Video)

The village of Ribadesella is the capital of a municipality surrounded by mountains, beaches and cliffs. It is interesting to know that in the urban town Centre there are many attractive places to visit, in fact, this council has been awarded the title of Touristic Excellence to 1997. Apart from enjoying this patrimony and local culture, it is easy to visit the beaches, cliffs and natural views because they are all very close to the urban town Centre. To walk down Ribadesella is to enjoy a long but joyful stroll, with many interesting points. At the Ribadesella Council you can practice a lot of sport activities, golf is particularly an attractive one due to the breathtaking views at the Berbes Golf Course.

Ribadesella is divided into two by an estuary of the river Sella and both urban sides are connected by a bridge over this river. In the Eastern area the historical town centre is located and the main roads such as the Gran Vía or Comercio where the main local shops and the leisure centre of Ribadesella are situated. One of the most important places to visit in the centre of this village is close to the Nueva Square and the Church Square. It is a crowded space during the summer time, where we can find cider bars, cafes and many shops. The old town centre is well-conditioned for pedestrians and it spreads from the Atalaya Park up to the Portiellu district in the Western area, a populated core that gave this village its sea condition.


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