Northern Spain: Climb mountains and surf incredible waves in Asturias – only a ferry ride away

Where can you go on holiday if your partner wants to hike and you want to surf? As Hannah Wood discovered, mountains and sea (plus a lot of cider and art) are just a ferry ride away in northern Spain.

In ‘would you rather’ games with your mates you’re often asked to choose between living by the mountains or by the sea, owning a ski lodge or beach camp, hiking or surfing.

It’s always a tough call and has often been a bone of contention between my boyfriend and me when it comes to picking holiday spots. He’s a seasoned mountain man and I’m more of a beach babe, he conquers peaks and I surf breakers.

Summits or sandy bays? Boots or flip flops? Climbing or swimming? These are the kind of questions that confront many holidaymakers pre-booking.

But what to you do if you want the best of both worlds? Easy: Asturias, northern Spain.

No more than 25km between the spiky Limestone crags of the Picos de Europa and the glorious sandy stretches of the Costa Verde – some of the best surfing beaches in Europe.

I could get an early in surf and we’d still have time for a serious hike in the mountains, we could walk in the peaks most of the day and be back on the beach for a sunset dip or stroll. Happy days.

Read complete article in The Mirror, by Hannah Wood


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