Centro Cabraliego de Bruselas (Asturias Video)

For those of you who live in Belgium, for those who travel once in a while to Brussels, for business or pleasure, Asturians or not, we recommend you to pass by the “Centro Cabraliego de Bruselas” and read the Becinbrussels blog if you feel up to have a good meal at Brussels.

Posted by Becinbrussels 5 March 2012.   From The Guardian.co.uk  Travel Been There

You’ll need to arrive earlier than the Spanish to ensure a table and tapas in this thriving, buzzy Asturian community centre, open Friday to Sunday evenings and staffed by volunteers for the last 20 years. Inside older community members prop up the bar, and tables of Spanish speakers alternate with other nationalities, all happily gorging on generous plates of gambas, ham, cheese, sardines and calamares – washed down with beer for 1 euro or Asturian cider, poured from a great height to get the air into it. Past the bar with its photos of landscapes and Asturians proudly wielding their prize-winning cabrales cheese, the centro gives way to a village hall atmosphere, complete with functional tables and plastic chairs. Last time I was convinced our table of seven had over-done it: we’d ordered nearly everything on the menu, twice! But we still managed to finish everything – and three bottles of rioja – for the princely sum of 20 euros per head.

171 rue Haute/Hoogstraat, 1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 511 05 59
Google map: bit.ly/ysbmVR


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