The Harvest Festival at Arriondas.

The fall in Asturias is a beautiful season from various points of view. The landscapes turn from soft green to variations of golden tonalities.  Autumn is a nice frame to celebrate one of the most typical festivities in Asturias, the “Amagüetu”.

Amagüestu at Arriondas

Arriondas fall

This past weekend, the Amagüestu was celebrated in several cities and towns across Asturias.

Handcraft “Horreos” asturian granaries.

The collecting of apples and chestnuts is an ancient ritual, in Arriondas this tradition has become into a gastronomic contest with a lot of success since 1990, where several activities are carried out by the Parragueses (as the locals are known).

Chestnuts (Castañas)

Products made out of apples, like cider in combination with chestnuts are enough reasons to hold a big celebration where the Parragueses and outsiders share these regional delights together in a big party known as Amagüestu.

Sharing for life

Sharing for life

Annually, the Public School “Colegio Río Sella”, associations, neighbors and local authorities gather to organize a Gastronomic Exposition and Product Contests.

Orchards contestant.

The sweet cider is one of the kid’s favourite’s, it´s alcohol free as well as tasteful for all, it´s very similar to an apple juice but with an unmatched flavor that has its own personality.

Apple stand.

The history of the chestnut in the culture of Asturias is as rich as the velvety flesh of the nut itself.  Introduced by the Romans, the chestnut was the staple food of northern Spain for many centuries, providing the main source of nutrition and being consumed in many forms, including flour. Knowing this, the nutty autumnal abundance falls neatly into place.

Regional varieties of chestnut

Handcrafted tiles “Artesanía la lupa”

If you would like to know more about this harvest festival please follow the “Asturian Diary”, a Blog where you can find enchanting pictures along with a nice writing. Follow this link.

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  1. Me encantan las castañas!!!

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