The yellow pathway to “Las Rozas”

Stone House

Hiking and jogging are a few of the outdoor activities that can be a good alternative to explore the scenic and rural beauty of Asturias. There are several yellow pathways along the Principality used to practice these activities; one of these roads is the “Pathway to Las Rozas”. Starting from the iron cannon at the Arriondas Main Hall Square, it takes 3 kilometers to Las Rozas. It’s a nice walk along the Río Sella. Las Rozas is halfway to Cangas de Onís, the former Capital of the Kingdom.  From Las Rozas to Cangas de Onís you can enjoy picturesque villas like Villanueva, where the National Parador is located.

Stone patternColoredStnHsegustavop01Yellow pathRío SellaLas Rozas


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Civil Engineer & Real Estate Consultant. Living in Asturias.


  1. cristinasandru

    That is such a wonderful place! Th words aren’t enough to describe that beautiful landscape, I’m in love with Asturias mountains, there is pure beauty!
    I love mountains and hiking, this post is great, thank you for sharing! 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!
    Regards from Romania,
    Cristina Sandru

    • I have a good friend that lives part time in Romania, he says it is really beautiful as well, all of it, the cities, the countryside, the food and of course its people.
      One of the things I enjoy the most about blogging is this, reading and learning about other cultures, besides promoting a particular region or a company.
      Thanks’ for your kind comments and following.

      • cristinasandru

        Hello, I am glad to read that you know more about Romania, here ar beautiful places and the countryside is full of traditions. 🙂 The romanian food is very tasty, I am sure that in Spain is the same.
        I love travelling and discovering other cultures, the internet gives me the great opportunity to read and learn about wonderful places where I cannot go.
        Thank you too for your kinds words and for following.
        Have a nice day!
        Best wishes from Romania 🙂

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