Casona at Arriondas

Making Time To Live!

This weekend Ben and John, the Making Time To Live founders got together in John’s home ground, Asturias, Northern Spain, to Make Time To Live! The weather did NOT cooperate (we had floods, high winds, and almost non-stop rain from lunchtime onwards every day!), but we still managed to get out and take some interesting photos.

We’ll be showing those here this week, but first, one subject, two photographers, what happens?

We both photographed this old house ‘Casona de la Gotera’ near Arriondas, built on the spoils of a local family that brought riches back from South America, it was used a hospital and later as a prison during the civil war, and now left to crumble. Here are the results, first John, then Ben:


John: “I’ve wanted to take a picture of this building for almost the entire time we’ve lived here but somehow have never managed it…

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About gustavop

Civil Engineer & Real Estate Consultant. Living in Asturias.


  1. Nice looking scene. Thank you for following my blog!

  2. That’s a great photo, great composition.

    • Its really amazing the beauty that can be taken out from a house in rubble, the shot was taken and reblogged from “Making time to live”. The house is located in Arriondas, it is an old and well known landmark that welcomes the visitor coming from Oviedo, at the N-634 road. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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