By the Ribadesella promenade.

A walk round the Santa Marina Beach towards the fishing port and the Marina is recommended for enjoying a pleasant day, to get a panoramic view of the whole town, right up to the Hermitage of La Guía.


Ribadesella, a town with a long seagoing tradition, is famous for its Tito Bustillo Caves and Educational Centre, showing part of Asturias prehistory. It lies at the mouth of the Sella River, renowned for the International Descent by canoe, declared to be of International Tourist Interest.


Alongside the Santa Marina´s promenade we can enjoy the Indianos Architecture. Those Asturians, the Indianos, enriched in their emigration and filled the Principality of Asturias with peculiar small palaces and modernist mansions, known as ‘Casas de Indianos’.


Villa Rosario.

Most were built from the end of the 19th or early 20th centuries, due to the Cuban war of independence; Many of these beautiful ‘Casa de Indianos’ mansions are situated on the Asturian seafronts, most are used today as hotels. 

Ribadesella beach

Ribadesella beach

Casona de Indianos
Casona de Indianos

Villa Rosario
Villa Rosario

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