Why Asturias?

Asturias exhibits the excellent quality intrinsic to its territory, it is an idyllic place for living, retiring or coming along for vacations.

Its landscape, its culture, its food and drink, combined with the application of Quality Systems or Brands in the services provided by the tourist sector, position our region very well as a destination as regards the evolution shown by tourist demand.

Nature, in Asturias, has been an inseparable part of its history. Its particular borders, steep mountains and turbulent seas has conserved the customs, culture and legends of this old kingdom of spectacular beauty.

The Natural Areas are complemented by white sandy beaches, remote Caves, beautiful Lakes, peaceful Reservoirs, crystalline Rivers, as well as the native Fauna and Flora.

Asturias is the Region that certifies the largest number of Village Homes at the first Certification Board of the Spanish Tourist Quality System “Q”, along with hotels, restaurants, travel agencies…


  1. By the way, is there any differences between Asturian and Castillian languages?


    • Both languages are practically the same, with some differences. The Bable (Asturian language) has particular vocabulary and conjugations that are similar to ancient Spanish. The Bable sounds sweet, like singing, sometimes seems to be just a Spanish different accent, but when you misunderstand some words then you realize it’s another language you are listening to.

      • Oooo….I never heard about Asturias as I am just exposed some Castillian particularly Mexican styles (as Telenovelas used to be famous here during 1990s and most of them were from Mexico and Venezuela). Can you give example maybe? Thanks

      • Well, the Mexican accent is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain, but the same language at the end. México, Spain or Argentina for instance share the same language, the Castellano (or Spanish), but each country has a great diversity of different accents within its boundaries.
        Moreover, Spain has different official languajes besides the Castellano, there’s the Gallego, Catalán and Euskera. The Bable is not official in Spain, but it is official in the Principality of Asturias.

      • It sounds interesting. Can I get some Asturias for references?


  2. Asturias seems so beautiful! Thanks 🙂

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