Llanes, Asturias.

Llanes walls towards the seashore.

Llanes walls towards the seashore.

Llanes is located in the oriental coast of Asturias, it has more than 70 charming villages and 38 beaches along the outstanding Cantabrian seashore. The perfect situation of the beaches, the type of its sand, the sea views, the accessibility, the touristic services, amenities and gastronomic alternatives are enough reasons to back this popular destiny.

Walking along downtown.

Walking along downtown.

The Ville of Llanes is conveniently set between the airports of Oviedo (130 km) and Santander (100 km) through the A-8 / E-70 Highway. The Port of Gijón is 94 km away.

E-70 / A-8 Highway "Autovía del Cantábrico".

E-70 / A-8 Highway “Autovía del Cantábrico”.

Llanes is well known for its Quality and Touristic Excellence. The architectural respects for the traditional image of buildings and casonas, as well as the strict tracings of building codes are of a high standard, and it shows.

Cosy Ville

Coat of Arms

Medieval style.

Medieval style.

Stone House.

Stone restoration on going.



Traditional Asturian Galleries.

Traditional Asturian Galleries.

Gastronomic Variety.

Gastronomic Variety.

Marina and Turning basin.

Marina and turning basin.

Stone tower.

Stone tower.

Llanes Town Hall.

Llanes beach.

Llanes beach.

It is difficult to show the magnificence of Llanes within a few pictures, I will provide images of Llanes in next posts. As always, thank you very much in advance for your comments and visits.


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Civil Engineer & Real Estate Consultant. Living in Asturias.


  1. cristinasandru

    Very beautiful! The medieval style it’s my very interesting… I love stone tower, there is always something fabulous about it…Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Have a nice Friday!

  2. cristinasandru

    I wanted to say that it’s my favorite style and it’s very interesting…

    • I’m glad that you’ve liked it. The stone constructions and brick patterns are my favourites. Thank you for your encouraging words, very kind as always.
      Have a nice weekend !!!!!!

      • cristinasandru

        You welcome!
        Tahnk you for sharing a great post! 🙂
        I love going to see old stone constructions, in Romania you can find very old churches made by stone, watching them it’s really awesome for me. 🙂
        Have a beautiful weekend, too!!

  3. Next trip to Spain I am going up North, that plus Madrid.

  4. Muy bonita. Conozco muchas partes de España, pero el note nuca he visitado…
    …quizás la próxima voy a ir a Asturias…

  5. El Norte de España es diferente al resto, es muy verde y montañoso, con muchas playas. Seguro que lo disfrutarías mucho. Aquí estoy siempre, para servirte.

  6. Magnificent photographs.

  7. Thank you very much!!!!

  8. Beautiful place, wonderful photography. hugs, pat

  9. one of my fav place in |Europe. A great place for travelling, wonderful people and places!

  10. wow, the last pic is very serene and inviting… hello. 🙂

    • Yes it’s really serene, today maybe not due to the summer vacations, hahaha, Best regards….

      • ahaha, we also have excellent beach resorts in the Philippines. but real estate development has just begun maybe two or three decades ago. so, the prime locations are very uppity and they can be said to be rich people’s enclaves, ahaha. but there are really good and relaxing ones, like the one above… they’re exclusive and high-end, far from being gentile communities yet, ahaha. 😉 warm regards, too.

      • I know there are very nice opportunities in Phillippines as well, I`d like to travel there some day.
        Thank you for posting,
        Best Regards

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